East Bay Startup Foundation

Project Scope

Design website for non-profit organization. Space for articles and ability to assign writing and editing tasks to different team members and interns without compromising the security of the site. Site includes business directory for local startups and ad server.


About Client

East Bay Startup Foundation promotes economic development in the East Bay by supporting startup founders and fostering a vibrant inclusive ecosystem.

Website Design

Created a streamlined and uncluttered user interface that’s fully optimized for mobile and SEO.

Content Management

We implemented a content management system that made site editing easy. Tasks can be assigned to multiple contributors while still maintaining editorial control.

Startup Directory

We helped EBS create a directory of startups in the East Bay to facilitate networking and to assist with startup PR.

Event Management System

EBS hosts a lot of events so we designed the event system to integrate with the Eventbrite platform while also providing a seamless experience on the website.