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In a recent study, over 50% of consumers had their impressions of a small business shift based on the design of the business’ website and print materials. A business’ website was found to be the most important single thing is setting expectations and positive impressions in a first-time visitor’s mind.

Website that meet user’s needs in an elegant way are the most highly rated. Web users preferences vary based on the type of site they’re interacting with. A design and content analysis can show what users are most looking for and how to best present it on the site. Optimizing for user experience is a continual process.

Multimedia has become increasingly essential to a website design and marketing strategy. It’s important to have multiple ways of presenting content because not everyone is drawn to the same types or platforms.

Poor Functionality Causes Visitors To Leave Websites

If your website if hard to read on a phone or visitors can’t find the importation they want in a timely, they are likely to bounce. Forty-two percent of consumers will navigate away from a website because of poor functionality. Site visitors will leave cluttered websites, slow websites, ugly websites and irrelevant websites. The user experience optimization process businesses should think about accessibility, navigation, and content.

Research finds a consumer’s opinion can shift even after a purchase or completion of a service. Follow-up marketing, packaging design, usage materials, help-desk design and support responsiveness are all areas in which a consumer’s opinion and willingness to recommend a product can change after the initial transaction.

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