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Got an idea? Let’s get the MPV done and start iterating. Bay Area Web Development has the design, technical and business experience to help you turn your vision into an actual working protype or MVP. Why should you use rapid prototyping? Because momentum is everything. Every great product starts out as an ugly duckling. Until you have a live product being used at some level all assumptions about the viability of the project are just conjecture.

Becoming a swan or unicorn is a continual process of
Gather Data
Refine Product
Gather Data
Refine Product
Gather Data
Refine Product
and so on….

Should you launch on iOS, Android or as a Web App? Is scope creep already burdening your launch? Bay Area Web Development makes rapid prototyping easy. We can work with you on design, development, business modeling or lead the whole project. Data from analytics and user feedback can quickly be turned into actionable insights. When a product has been through multiple iteration cycles, the feature roadmap becomes more realistic.

“Instead of building ten features at a time, we build and launch maybe three features and see if users prefer one over the other. Testing features against each other allows us to prioritize, refine, and decide what we should invest in.”
Yunha Kim
CEO & Founder, Simple Habit

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